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Tips From A Novice: Jumpstarting My Blog

Here We Are!

You and I are standing at the point of embarkation for my first ever blog post, the genesis of my fruitful blogging career, and hopefully the long lasting relationship between you– the intrepid audience- and me– the scatterbrained savant blindly stumbling into the world of the contrived organization of fanciful thoughts and grandiose schemes. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been inundated with compelling evidence- straight from the mouths of successful entrepreneurs- that blogging is the way of the future.

Time and again, in lecture after lecture, those professionals whom I look upon with the greatest of admiration tout the enormous gravity of the blogging phenomenon, and its inherent dominance- not only as social media, but increasingly as a contender in the realm of professional communication. Never before has there been such an accessible outlet for public and private sentiment– never before has there been such a far reaching and open forum (or arena) for the expression of the human condition in all existential contexts.

In this post, I want to identify and clarify some key points I’ve picked up in my brief affair with the experts of the social media world. As blog connoisseur and communication educator Mark Shaefer once told me during a commencement dinner- and I paraphrase- “Blogging is not only a component of the Public Relations practice, it is vital to one’s survival.” I have certainly taken this to heart and have deemed it high time to jump on board, right into the deep end. Hopefully in this post I’ll help better educate you on some blogging fundamentals. Let’s hope I never fumble with them, and that each post subsequent to this will be a paragon of effective social media communication.

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