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5 Kodály Tenants: On Foundational Branding

The Idea

The good news: It’s been a little over a week since graduation. The bad news: I’m knee-deep in summer schooling, looking for a job, and gearing up for an MBA in Organizational Leadership. While living under the weight of this important time in my life, I’ve tried to alleviate stress in many different ways, from general relaxation techniques to writing free verse in my spare time.

After some careful deliberating, I realized I could put my relaxation time to good use, both by taking it easy on my sanity and learning critical thinking skills in my fields of interest (communication and branding being the primary targets.) The result: This blog post.

My most time-tested way to relax is listening to powerful, meaningful music. I don’t mean the latest top 20 inspirational pop song or some traditional song to get pumped up. I’m talking about the high art of classical composition. As you can imagine, the song that has helped calm me these past few weeks is also the true muse behind this post, and goes something like this:

This song, composed in the early 20th century by famed Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, and educator Zoltan Kodály, retells the somber moments before a young soldier lays down to bed for the night. The young man pleads with God, asking for safety and warmth throughout the night, saying he has “grown tired of wandering/ of hiding/ of living in a foreign land.” Sobering and powerful indeed.

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