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Ultimate Frisbee: Identifying My Management Style

The Topic

Today is easily one of the hottest summer days I’ve experienced during the time I’ve lived in Central Indiana. By luck alone my southern upbringing makes such an occurrence less of a shock to my system, but no less bearable. The weather at the Indianapolis 500’s 100th year anniversary- record breaking by most accounts- wasn’t even this sweltering! Why am I complaining? I’ve been thrust into an exciting leadership position and must lead troops through to victory under these oppressive conditions.

Overenthusiastic frisbee player laying out for a disc.

This+ Sweltering Heat

UIndy Ultimate Frisbee Club, established in the Spring of 2011, is a competitive college club from the University of Indianapolis. We had a successful Spring and decided to take our energy into the Summer League realm. Unfortunately, our team captain had an extensive prior commitment and couldn’t make the first part of Summer season. I’ve been placed as captain for the sake of organization in his place, and it is a different ballgame.

In this post I’d like to discuss how I’ve recently discovered a few unique things about my own personal management style, how it differs from that of convention, and what I consider to be the positives and negatives of each. This unique opportunity has allowed me to rethink and restructure how to approach management in a way that is both true to who I am personally and what is most effective for the team I’m leading.

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